What You Know You Don’t Know – Script Sample

“What You Know You Don’t Know” Free Musical to download and perform – script sample

“What You Know You Don't Know” Free Musical to download and perform – script sample

ACT ONE Scene 7

The scene is set in a prison cell which has 2 single beds (centre stage) with a small chest of drawers which separates them. There are two desk lamps on the chest of drawers pointing towards the pillows on each bed. Paranoid is lying on his bed with his arms behind his head. He has a smug look on his face. The cell door opens and Leo enters, stage right, back from his meeting with the Governor.

Paranoid So how did it go with de Governor?

Leo Good. She said I can be out in 3 weeks time if I’ve got somewhere to live. I told her that was no problem because I will be moving back in with Claire.

Paranoid Well I’m glad it’s you goin out and not me. I’ve gotta watch my step in here but it’s a hell of a lot safer than being outside.

Leo What do you mean by that?

The cell door opens and two warders wearing surgical gloves enter stage right.

Warder 1 OK you two, stand, up and hands against the wall.

The warders then search the two prisoners.

Leo What’s going on? What have we supposed to have done?

Warder 2 There’s knife missing from the kitchen. We’re searching all the cells of the prisoners who were working there today.

Leo The only knife I’ve had is for chopping vegetables and Paranoid checked it back in at the end of the shift because I didn’t know what the procedure was. Anyway they searched us both before we left the kitchen .

The two warders first check the chest of drawers and then take a bed each lifting up the mattresses.

Warder 1 Well, well, well; what do we have here?

Warder 1 carefully removes the knife from the mattress.

Leo How the hell did that get there?

Paranoid Don’t ask me Leo. I told you earlier dat knives are not allowed in prison cells.

Leo I know that stupid.

Warder 2 Well we’ll see if it’s got your prints all over it.

Leo It may well have because I’ve been working in the kitchen all day with knives like that.

Warder 2 Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t today the first day you worked in the kitchen?

Warder 1 Funny that isn’t it.

Leo Why would I want to risk being caught with a knife when I’ve only got 3 weeks to go before I can get out of here?

Warder 1 Maybe the temptation was just too much. It seems to me that Her Majesty will have the pleasure of your company for a lot longer than you expected.

Paranoid And I want to make a formal request for a cell on my own after what you’ve just found. You never listen when I tell you dat people are out to get me in dis prison. Who knows what could have happened if you hadn’t found de knife. De whole incident has left me seriously traumatised.

Fade to black-out