Butterfly And The Webmistress – Script Sample

Butterfly and the Webmistress – free musical to download and perform – download a script sample

Butterfly and the Webmistress - free musical to download and perform - script sample

ACT 1 – Scene 1

The scene takes place in the recreational area of the Transitions Academy where a small group of young people are awaiting the arrival of visitors to their open day. The set consists of a pool table, stage left and some easy chairs, centre stage and stage right. Sport, wearing a stylish tracksuit top and shorts, is doing push ups, stage left, and Mouse is tapping the keys of his electronic keyboard which is attached to his wheel chair, stage right.  Mr Smoothly, their Principal, enters stage left looking very smartly dressed with a carnation in his button hole.

Mr Smoothly – (cheerily) Good morning everyone. How are you all today?

Mouse – (turning to face Nr Smoothly) Well, actually Mr Smoothly we haven’t had a single visitor yet.

Sport – (speaking in a strong Australian accent) I think they’re too scared to come in here. They’re afraid I’ll beat them at table tennis or pool or that they won’t be able to do as many squat thrusts as me.

Mouse – How can that be true if we haven’t met anybody yet? Maybe they’ve seen Butterfly standing outside. She’s enough to frighten anybody off. Goodness knows what she’ll be wearing today.

Mr Smoothly – Don’t be too hard on her.  She’s only expressing her individuality through what she wears, just as you express your individuality through your computer.

Mouse – Sorry Mr Smoothly.  

Sport – Look out; here she comes now and it looks like she’s wearing something that’s been specially made for today.

Enter Butterfly stage left outrageously dressed like a brightly coloured butterfly with her name in large letters around the brim of very large floppy hat.  She also wears large film star sunglasses.

Mr Smoothly – Hello Butterfly. My; you are looking particularly dazzling today.  

Butterfly – Well fank you Mr Smoovly. It’s nice to know that someone appreciates all my ard work.

Mr Smoothly – I presume that this particular outfit is one of your own special creations.

Butterfly – Certainly is.  If I’m going to be a top fashion designer I can’t be seen wearing ovver designer’s clothes; can I?

Mr Smoothly – Absolutely not.