Mamma Don’t Marry That Man – Script Sample

“Mamma Don’t Marry That Man” Free Musical to download and perform – Script Sample

Mamma Don't Marry That Man - free musical to download and perform - script sample

ACT 1 – Scene 1

Mr Fisher – (formally) Now children, just before we go today I have a little brown envelope for each of you. You all know what’s inside don’t you?

Class – Yes Mr Fisher.

Mr Fisher – I’ve written your names on the top left hand corner of your envelope but I want you to write your parents’ address on the envelope, just in case anyone happened to drop it on the way home. And we don’t want that to happen do we Twinkle?

Twinkle – No Mr Fisher. (the class snigger)

Mr Fisher – I am afraid I have to rush off now to St Margaret’s for an important sports fixture meeting, so when you’ve addressed your envelopes you can go. 

Mr Fisher gives each person an envelope as he walks from stage left to stage right. 

Remember that the envelopes must be addressed to your parents and they must be the first to open them.  

Class – Yes Mr Fisher.

As soon as Mr Fisher exits stage right the students leave their places rush to the centre of the stage. Charlotte waves a fresh set of envelopes in front of them and they immediately tear open their envelopes and throw them in the air after first extracting their reports. Charlotte gives everyone a fresh envelope as they read what Mr Fisher has written about them and start to compare reports.

Ryan – (punching the air and giving a loud shout) Ohyes! Dis man is on my team. Check this – (reading from his report) ‘Ryan has made sound progress in all subjects but has excelled on the football field, proving to be one of the most promising players I have coached in years’. Dat guys, is gonna get me a new skateboard. Bring it on.

Tyler – Fish Face says that I have one safe pair of hands, cos the other teams only put 5 goals past me all season. 

The two boys give each other a high five. They then turn their attention to Twinkle who slumps to the floor with her head in her hands

Ryan – Oh no, what have we here? Twinkle is not twinkling today. The chicklet is not chuckling. Not such a good one eh Twinkle?

Charlotte – (putting her arm around Twinkle) Leave it out Ryan. Can’t you see she’s upset. Twinkle, whatever is the matter?  

As Charlotte pulls Twinkle to her feet the instrumental introduction of the song plays. The students then form up around her and begin a dance routine as she sings to Charlotte.