Crusaders of Cumberland Court – Script Sample

“The Crusaders of Cumberland Court” Free Musical to download and perform – Script Sample

Crusaders of Cumberland Court - free musical to download and perform - the script sample


The scene takes place in the reception area of the Grange Private Hotel. The bell on the reception desk is heard. There is a short pause.

Councillor Craven – Goood morning. My receptionist is just putting out today’s menus in the restaurant. Can I be of assistance?

Joey – Councillor Craven? 

Councillor Craven – Yes, that’s right.

Joey – 
I’m here on behalf of High Performance Ltd to re-possess your car. According to my records it’s the green Audi Sports parked outside the hotel entrance.

Councillor Craven – Would you mind keeping your voice down; I don’t want my staff hearing about my private business?

Joey – I’m sorry Councillor Craven; it’s not our company’s policy to cause you any embarrassment but you do owe High Performance Ltd a considerable sum of money and you did sign a lease car agreement which clearly states the consequences of not making the necessary monthly payments. 

Councillor Craven – Can’t you give me just a little bit more time to pay? The hotel business is seasonal and this is not our busiest time of the year.

Joey – I’m afraid not. The company has written to you on several occasions about the arrears you have accrued during the last 6 months and as you have not responded you leave us with no alternative. You can either pay me the fifteen hundred pounds you owe High Performance or I will have to take the car.

Councillor Craven – It seems like I’ve got no choice then.

Joey – There is one other thing I have been asked to tell you and that is that High Performance will be initiating proceedings against you on the 1st of next month. And now the keys Councillor Craven? Is there anything you need to remove from the car before I take it?

Councillor Craven – No, I had it valeted yesterday and a right waste of money that was. I took everything out then. Here are the keys.

(After a few moments the sound of sports car engine is heard driving away.)

Katarina Borowski (in an Easter European accent) – Excuse me Mr Craven but I’ve just seen a man driving off in your sports car. Do you know about this?

Councillor Craven – Yes, yes; there’s nothing to worry about Katarina. I’ve decided to terminate my lease car contract. With the better weather coming I thought I would try to do without a car for a while. I think that walking from the hotel to my meetings at the Town Hall would improve my fitness.

Katarina – Do you want me to to enrol you into a gym?

Councillor Craven – No thank you Katarina. I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far.