Mamma Don’t Marry That Man

“Mamma Don’t Marry That Man” Free Musical to download and perform – Storyline

Mamma Don't Marry That Man - Free Musical to download and perform - Storyline

Act One
Twinkle is an early adolescent schoolgirl, who, whilst opening up her school report together with her classmates and best friend Charlotte, is dismayed to see what her teacher, Mr Fisher, has written about her. She is normally very extravert and talkative in class and this is reflected very strongly in Mr Fisher’s rather negative report. Fearful of how her mother, Rachel, will react when she reads it; Twinkle decides not to give it to her until a suitable moment arrives. Unfortunately Charlotte’s mother, Cordelier, innocently reveals to Rachel that school reports have been issued, which prompts Rachel to make an urgent appointment to see Mr Fisher.  Rachel confides in Mr Fisher that she has found it very difficult to manage her daughter since her husband’s death nearly two years before. In order to monitor her daughter’s progress more closely regular meetings are set up with Mr Fisher, which take place in social rather than school settings, because of restrictions imposed by Rachel’s job. As time passes the meetings become more regular, and unbeknown to Twinkle, a romantic relationship starts to develop between Twinkle’s mother and her teacher.

As a result of Twinkle’s inclination to talk to everyone she has to sit by herself in front of her teacher’s desk. The boys in class like to tease her and make up songs about her which she finds infuriating. Mr Fisher always seems to appear when she responds inappropriately to their taunts and this only serves to exacerbate their worsening relationship.

When a mildly autistic boy called James joins the group Twinkle gravitates towards him. James spends most of his time glued to his laptop and although his social skills are virtually non-existent, Twinkle manages to communicate with him better than anyone else. She is often in detention after school whilst he is waiting to be picked up by his father’s fiancée, Lady Isabella, who wants James packed off to boarding school as soon as possible. James believes that Lady Isabella is a gold digger seeking an indulgent life style to be financed by his father. When the boys try to bully James by shining a laser pen light in his face he reacts violently, giving Lady Isabella ammunition to be used against him, when she is called in to see Mr Fisher about the incident.

When Twinkle reluctantly returns to school one afternoon after a dental appointment she reveals her disaffection to a visitor, who turns out to be an inspector Mr Fisher was seeking to impress. 

James sees Mr Fisher kissing Twinkle’s mother in school and reports back to Twinkle who is flabbergasted. When she challenges her mother about the incident Rachel reveals to her devastated daughter that she plans to marry her teacher.

Act Two
After overhearing Lady Isabella talking to a friend on the phone about wanting shares in his father’s company and property in the French Alps, James is even more concerned about her feelings for his father. Twinkle and James agree that they need to work together to find out more about the backgrounds of Mr Fisher and Lady Isabella, in an attempt to scupper the relationships they have with their respective parents.

Twinkle’s concern about her mother’s marriage to her teacher leads her to meet with Father O’ Brien, her Parish priest, to discuss its legality. She is deflated when he tells her that there are no grounds for the church to object to the union.

Rachel’s relationship with Mr Fisher continues to flourish and one evening when they are out for dinner Mr Fisher (Richard) reveals that there have been short term problems with the sale of his house in Edinburgh and that he can’t pay for the wedding until the sale has gone through. Rachel tells him that her husband left her comfortably off and that she will be happy to pay for it.

The boys in Twinkle’s class continue to taunt her especially when they see her reading ‘Passion Magazine’, a magazine for older teenagers which focuses on relationships. Charlotte is a great support to Twinkle in her time of crisis and when James arrives he reveals that after looking at the website of Mr Fisher’s school he could not find his name on the staff list for the previous school year. On closer examination Charlotte spots Mr Fisher in a sports team photograph, identified as Mr Richard Fiddler.

At a parent’s consultation evening Mr Fisher, Rachel, Lady Isabella and Andrew, James’ father meet and talk about their forthcoming weddings. Lady Isabella and James’ father invite Richard, Rachel and Twinkle to stay with them in the French Alps where they can jointly celebrate the engagements of the two couples.

In order to be sure about the real identity of Mr Fisher, Charlotte telephones the Lothian Academy, his former school, posing as someone trying to invite Mr Fiddler to a reunion dinner and manages to ascertain that Mr Fiddler already has a wife in Edinburgh.

When Cordelier babysits for Rachel she excitedly tells her that her family has been invited to join the party in the French Alps. Rachel informs Cordelier that she and Richard are in the process of buying a new house, to give the new family a fresh start when they are married. In view of the ongoing problems with the sale of Richard’s house, she reveals that she is going to transfer money, to cover the cost of the purchase of the new house, to Richard’s bank account.

Flushed with the success of discovering the identity of Mr Fisher, James, Twinkle and Charlotte decide to investigate Lady Isabella more closely. Perplexed by the fact that there seems to be nothing more than a few society photographs on the internet and nothing about her background, the three children draw another blank when they search through past copies of ‘Who’s Who’ at the local library. It is only when Charlotte’s mother, Cordelier, allows James to use her password to the ‘Relative’s Reunited’ website that he discovers a link to Lady Isabella through its international section.

At the engagement party at the Funky Fox in the French Alps all is revealed. James introduces Lord Rupert De Villiers, the son of Lord Edward De Villiers and Lady Isabella. He reveals that his mother and father died in a stable fire trying to rescue polo ponies which they bred in Argentina. The Lady Isabella who is about to marry James’ father is exposed as an imposter. She was the former secretary of his parents.  Bearing a strong likeness to his mother she stole her passport and identity. It was easy to pass herself off as Lady Isabella from Argentina because she had never been seen in English society. Twinkle introduces Mrs Fiddler to the group who reveals that she too was a rich widow who was persuaded to hand over her wealth and property to a new sympathetic husband, who only wanted to exploit her vulnerability. Rachel and David commiserate with each other whilst the children celebrate their success in preventing a double marriage disaster.