Baby Off The Shelf – Script Sample

Baby Off The Shelf – free musical to download and perform – script sample

Baby Off The Shelf - free musical to download - script sample

ACT 2 Scene 11

(Mike and Amanda are sitting at the centre of the stage. Amanda is rocking the baby in her arms. Jason is sitting on the steps that lead to the raised platform. Enter Mervin and Melanie stage right on the raised platform, wearing dark glasses, baseball caps and carrying a laundry basket between them. They meet S252M 2223 who enters stage left along the raised platform.)

S252M 2223 – What are you doing here at this hour?

Merv – We were just on our way to the laundry. We like to go when it’s nice and quiet.

Mel – We just thought we’d say goodbye to the baby before you take her away tomorrow (sarcastically).

S252M 2223 – You know I don’t have any choice about that. (exit stage left)

Mel – (whispering) Is the baby asleep?

Amanda – Yes, she’s fine.

Mel – We’ve brought some clothes for you. Put them on quickly. (Mel takes the clothes from the basket and hands them to Mike and Amanda who put them on. They both turn round revealing that the clothes are several sizes too big.)

Mike – Without wishing to be rude – I think we have a slight size problem here.

Mel – Here, put these around your waist. (handing them two large bath towels) OK, now put the baby in the basket and go carefully. Hold on, don’t forget the caps and glasses. (handing them the items) You’ll be much harder to recognise now. 

Merv – Marlon and Maisie will meet you at the laundry and take you down to the Freewheelers. They’ve got a great place to hide the baby there. Everything’s been arranged. Everyone will think you’re us wearing those clothes. Good luck. (Mike carries the basket carefully up the stairs but just as he reaches the raised Platform T147 appears stage left and startles everyone.)

T147 2225 – Good evening everyone – what a beautiful still night. (Jason rushes up to the top of the steps and grabs her arm.)

Jason – It is indeed. Why don’t you come down here and talk to me for a while. 

T147 2225 – In a moment. (turning to Mike and Amanda) What have you got in the basket? 

Mike – Oh just washing. (He tries to cover the basket with his body) We couldn’t sleep so we decided to go to the laundry 

T147 2225 – I can take the basket for you. I shall be passing there later. 

Amanda – No, no, we must go now. 

T147 2225 – What are you trying to hide from me? Why are you wearing those silly clothes like the Rejuves wear? They are far too big for you. 

Amanda – All our clothes are dirty. We had to borrow some. We must get to the laundry quickly. 

Jason – Let them go. Sit down here with me and I will explain everything. 

(Jason leads T147 down the steps and Mike and Amanda hurry off along the raised platform and exit stage left. Jason holds T147’s hand as he speaks.)

T147 2225 – Tell me the truth this time. Why were Mike and Amanda so keen to get away from me? Where is their baby? Is someone looking after it? You must tell me what is going on. 
What are you doing here at this hour?

Jason – The truth is that Mike and Amanda have gone and taken their baby with them. 

T147 2225 – Where? 

Jason – I’m afraid I can’t say. It’s just for a few days until something gets sorted out. You see they couldn’t bear to lose her tomorrow. 

T147 2225 – But there is no need to do that, the baby will be well cared for in the Children’s Centre. 

Jason – But their baby was special. They were her mother and father. I know it’s hard for you to understand because you don’t have parents or sons or daughters. Two people fall in love and create a baby as a celebration of that love. The special love they have for each other is shared with their baby as it grows. The emotional bond is just too strong to break. Listen I’ll explain. 

(During the instrumental introduction of the song Jason picks up the radio microphone and sits next to T147 in the middle of the steps leading up to the raised platform. Soon after the song starts Jason moves backwards and forwards across the stage in time with the music, glancing at her throughout the song.)