Crusaders of Cumberland Court

“The Crusaders of Cumberland Court” Free Musical to download and perform – Storyline

Crusaders of Cumberland Court - free musical to download and perform - the storyline


This musical play is set in a fictitious retirement complex in Peterborough UK. Everyone gets along happily together until the management company tells the residents that the complex is going to be turned into an upmarket conference centre and that they will be offered alternative accommodation in various locations out of the local area.

The residents join together to form a group known as ‘The Crusaders of Cumberland Court’, to fight against the proposal.

It soon becomes obvious that corrupt practices have taken place and it emerges that the Chairman of the Planning Committee of the Council has been bribed by the Financial Controller of the management company in order to pay off gambling debts.

The residents take on the role of amateur sleuths in their quest to expose the irregularities and save their homes. Everything is eventually brought to a head at a meeting of the full Council during which the scheme to change the use of the complex is about to be given the go-ahead.