Butterfly And The Webmistress

“Butterfly and the Webmistress” Free Musical to download and perform – Storyline

Butterfly And The Webmistress - free musical to download and perform - the storyline

Act One

Butterfly, Mouse and Sport are three teenagers who attend a school for students who have social difficulties. Butterfly is obsessed with fashion and designs and wears outrageous outfits.  She dreams of being a model with having her own fashion label. Sport is a very fit, extremely competitive, fearless young woman with significant martial arts skills.Mouse is a computer genius with a physical disability. Although he finds making relationships with people difficult his relationship with technology is mind blowing.  The three have a very supportive Principal called Mr Smoothly who recognises their talents and constantly encourages them to fulfil their potential.

The musical play opens with the 3 teenagers waiting for visitors to arrive at their school’s open day. To their great surprise a robot is their first visitor.  He is known as EMO (Electro Magnetic Operative) and is a discarded prototype left on charge in a university storage facility. 

At a summit of world leaders the problem of international cyber crime is being discussed.  The computer systems of all of the world’s most developed nations have been penetrated by a sinister organisation known as the ‘Venomous Corporation’. The organisation, led by the notorious Veronica Venomous, extracts vast amounts of money from them through threatening to bring down the computer systems that are integral to the smooth running of their countries.  

Whilst playing an on-line word game that failed to deliver a promised prize Mouse, with the help of EMO, decide to hack into the website which provided the game.  By doing so they inadvertently stumble on the means by which the headquarters of the Venomous Organisation can be accessed by its operatives. Based on the deception that the Venomous Corporation wished to award the prize to Mouse and his friends the young people are first drugged and then kidnapped.  They are taken to the headquarters of the sinister organisation where they meet Veronica Venomous, the director of the corporation and her unpleasant accomplices Knee Jerk and Dr Migraine. who all want to find out how the teenagers managed to penetrate the firewalls of the organisation’s computer systems.  When Mouse is instructed to show his captors how he and EMO managed to do it EMO is not permitted to help him and has access to a power supply denied.

Act Two

A press conference takes place at the school where Mr Smoothly, the police and the parents of the 3 teenagers are interviewed by the world’s press.  Butterfly’s mother, known as Aphrodite Allure, a professional underwear model for the more mature woman, grabs the limelight.  She seems more interested in publicity for herself and comments that her daughter Butterfly is likely to be more concerned about the welfare of her dog called Marmaduke than anyone else.

Meanwhile the world’s leaders continue to express concern about the activities of the Venomous Corporation and pledge to continue to work together after UK Prime Minister Mrs Grey updates everyone about the possible motivation for the kidnapping of the young people.

At the headquarters of the Venomous Corporation Butterfly and Sport are allowed out into to an enclosed open air exercise area. They signal to passing aeroplanes using a large mirror in the lid of Butterfly’s case.  Although the authorities are alerted by this action, operatives of the Venomous Corporation manage to persuade them that the signals were not genuine distress signals but caused by two girls practising signalling techniques for a homework project.  Mouse tries to play for time by telling Veronica Venomous and her associates that the information they require will take more time reproduce without the help of EMO’s processors.

In another news programme involving the police and parents of the kidnapped young people some breaking news is reported. The bulletin describes how Marmaduke has been abducted by masked gunmen from the home of Butterfly’s mother..

Act Three

Butterfly and her friends are shown a picture of Marmaduke and are told that if Mouse does not complete his task within 24 hours the dog will be put down.  The teenagers persuade Knee Jerk to buy Marmaduke some of his favourite dog biscuits and insist upon a receipt to prove that he has bought them.  They think about the sounds they heard when they were in the exercise area and reflect on the information provided by the receipt.  They deduce that they are being held captive in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 

Mouse manages to put information on a USB memory stick that can be transmitted by EMO if he can be powered up again. They stage an incident which results in EMO being taken out into the exercise area where the sun is strong.  Solar Panel’s on EMO shoulders can produce enough power to transmit details of their location to the outside world.  The international monitors pick up the signals and guide a Dutch Police task force to the building where they are being held.  The task force is accompanied by Superintendent Maitland and Prime Minister Grey.

During a tense and eventful last scene the members of the Venomous Corporation are all captured and the three teenagers are reunited with their parents observed by members of the media.  When Prime Minister Grey, tries to make political capital out of returning Marmaduke to Butterfly she is ignored as Butterfly focuses all her attention on her little dog.